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Bistro Bourbon - Recipe in a Bottle

Bistro Bourbon - Recipe in a Bottle

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Sweet, Savory, Salty, and a blast of Bourbon! 

This unique and versatile Recipe in a Bottle blend will work fantastic with meat, fish, poultry, and in particular Veggies. Although non- alcoholic, it will get you high on the flavor alone :)

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Customer Reviews

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Best choice for smoking meat

Words wouldn't do any justice on how awesome these spices are. just look at the picture

Playing around with different spices to build the perfect bark on my smoked brisket, I bumped in to this and boy oh boy I already reorderd.

(Secret I used the bourbon maple syrup for the basing)

Highly recommend!

Abraham deutsch
Great product

This is the best spice blend I have ever tried. No need to add other spices to your cooking. This is truly a recipe in a bottle.

My saving grace

Honestly who has time (or patience)to open up cookbooks every night ??
Sometimes I wish I do because I love delicious foods with bursting flavours . When my friends told me about this spice line I knew I had to try …. But this ! THIS ONE IS MY FAVOURITE!!! I use it every night (no jokes)
I put it on fish, meat , corn , salads, potatoes …. Etc. the best part is there is no prep time. Sprinkle some olive oil and this incredible spice blend and bam dinner is served and tastes Devine. Your welcome ;)

A new high!

Forget alcohol, this blend has got a way of giving you a taste and smell that's so good, you can get a buzz on the flavor alone!

This brand changed my cooking experience, I no longer think about how to flavor things, I simply pull my favorite "Recipe in a Bottle" off the rack, and hit it! If you haven't tried one yet, trust me, you'll never regret it!

Literally a recipe in a bottle!

A half hour before shabbos I decided I needed another dish
I grabbed a bag of cauliflower and put this spice on top
And walla - it was amazing!!!!! Going to definitely keep making it.

Amazing on sweet potatoes too !