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Atlas Olive Oil - Premium, Extra Virgin, and Cold Pressed

Atlas Olive Oil - Premium, Extra Virgin, and Cold Pressed

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This award winning extra virgin olive oil comes from the foothills of the Atlas Mountains in the Marrakech region of Morocco. Thanks to the rare climate and the geographical advantage of the high-reaching area, the Atlas Mountains of Morocco help grow the most perfect olives in the world.

Atlas extra virgin olive oil has a complex aroma of ripe bananas, red apples and tomatoes. 

This gently complex olive oil is perfect for general cooking, creating marinades and dressings, as well as for baking and desserts.

The perfect partner to Recipe in a Bottle, this delicious and superior olive oil will raise your dishes to another level!

 It is certified Kosher for Passover by OU and CRC, Organic, Carbon free, and has won multiple awards for its quality, aroma, and taste!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Carol Wilkinson
Perfect packaging and great value

I used to purchase this through Amazon, but after several broken bottles and even a damaged can I gave up. Couldn't trust the packaging which usually consisted of a hugely oversized box, and/or minimal protection such as bubble wrap.
When I found simply gourmet the price was compatible and I thought I'd give them a try. The package arrived on time and to my relief in an appropriately sized box. When I opened it the can was completely protected with bubble wrap and cardboard. Not only that, included were TWO seasoning samples along with recipes and a FULL size bottle of another seasoning. I was very impressed . This is the only company I will purchase olive oil from in the future and I look forward to trying other products from them.
Extremely generous promotional gifts, quality packaging and fair prices have made me a very happy new customer!

Dewi Tan

Excellent price, olive oil , customer service &
shipping .
Got free maple syrup with my order.

Hadassah Weinberg
Amazing olive oil!!!

Premium olive oil, premium service!
This olive oil tastes so light and fruity, I couldn't believe it's an extra virgin!
And the service provided was 5 star. The representative answered all my questions and was so helpful!
He also explained to me the health benefits of Moroccan olive oil being very high in polyphenols, which just made me appreciate the oil even more!

David Augustine
First Class EVO & Customer Service

After researching premium olive oils that offer great taste and health benefits, I ordered a liter of the Atlas EVO. This oil has a fresh fruity, mildly piquant flavor, that is versatile for sauteing, braises, in dressings, as well as a finishing oil. We also have begun to drink a few tablespoons neat, as it's widely reported to aid cardio health, being high in polyphenols. I also want to mention there was a problem with our oder caused by the delivery service, that they rectified promptly and completely. Also, have tried their spice blend and will not hesitate to order again.

Chanie Nayman
top quality products!

I am absolutely crazy about the spice blends: bourbon bbq and lemon garlic fusion are absolutely my go-to's now. They have so so many different uses, and I keep reaching for it in my spice cabinet. The olive oils are beautiful and the taste is very pleasant. Thank you!